Welcome to the 3D Game Developers Group WikiEdit

This group was created for dedicated students who want to advance their skills in 3d game art and development. We will do this through hands on exposure to the medium. Every meeting will be focused on a process of learning, creating and critiquing. Our major goals are as follows:

  • Hone our skills in areas of game development such as 3D Modeling, 3D Sculpting, UV unwrapping, texturing, animation, programming, working with game engines etc.
  • Learn professional work flows and conventions in video game development.
  • Create a library of custom materials made for use in existing game design


  • Secure funding from the school to buy tutorials and educational materials.

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Current ThemeEdit

Currently the group is collaborating on Steampunk Sanctuary. The game is a level based on steampunk and nature set in a post apocolyptic world. To read more on the story, please go to the Current Project page.

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